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The standard NRL season wrapped up last week, which can only mean one thing: the 2010 NRL Finals! With the Top 8 solidified, this year’s NRL Finals are looking to be another can’t miss for both casual and die-hard NRL fans. Round one will kick off with four 2010 NRL…


The NRL season is divided up into two sections: the NRL draw and the NRL Final. The NRL draw is the standard season made up of 26 rounds. The NRL Final is the postseason. This is when the Top 8 teams on the NRL ladder are pitted against one another for a chance to advance through four rounds of postseason matches. Because the NRL Final sees the best teams of the year competing against one another, it’s extremely popular among fans and punters. These games often draw huge crows of spectators (both in person and on television) as Aussies cheer on their teams. The NRL Final matches are among Australia’s most popular sporting events.

NRL Grand Final

After three elimination rounds, the NRL Final finishes off in thrilling fashion. The two remaining teams pair off to meet at Stadium Australia in the NRL Grand Final match. This is the fourth, and last, round of the NRL Final, and is normally held on the first Sunday in October. It’s the match for all the marbles as the winning team is awarded the Premiership title and the NRL Trophy.

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The NRL Final certain gets a lot of attention from sporting fans and punters, but the NRL Grand Final trumps all that. It’s a spectacle that not only has its own opening ceremony featuring well-known international music acts, but also has the Prime Minister on hand to award the NRL Trophy at the end of the game. Both causal and die-hard fans travel across the nation to watch this game in person. Even more tune in to watch it on television as the outcome of the game is eagerly anticipated by all. Because it’s one of the nation’s biggest events, it draws plenty of attention on the worldwide betting markets.

NRL Grand Final History

1998 saw the start of a single Rugby League competition in Australia. The National Rugby League (NRL) was formed with the merging of the Australian Rugby League (ARL) and News Limited. This marked the first year of the NRL Grand Final as we know it today. The following year in 1999, the NRL Grand Final drew a new official Rugby League game attendance as 107,999 spectators watched the Melbourne Storm take on the newly-merged St George-Illawarra Dragons in the NRL Grand Final match.

The popularity of the NRL Premiership continued to grow with average crowd records being broken in 2003, 2004 and 2006. Also sponsorship, merchandise royalties, and playing participation all increased in high percentages. In 2005, when the Wests Tigers went up against the North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL Grand Final, a record Australian audience of over four million viewers tuned in to watch. Then, in 2006, for the first time in NRL history, two interstate teams not from NSW contested for the NRL Grand Final. The Brisbane Broncos triumphed over the Melbourne Storm 15-8.

The popularity of the NRL Grand Final continues to grow today with plenty of new fans being introduced to the excitement that the game provides. This is especially true now that online betting has been introduced. The ease and convenience of placing a bet on the NRL Grand Final has captured the attention of punters throughout the world.

NRL Grand Final Betting

Online sportsbooks prepare for the NRL Grand Final all season long as it often draws a huge number of punters hoping to make a little extra cash. Punters can place a wager on the outcome of the NRL Grand Final before the season even starts. Known as future betting, these early odds are always much more generous than those offered closer to game time. While it might be a bit harder to predict a winner that far in advance, it can be worth taking a shot as the payouts on these odds are massive.

Betting popularity on this NRL Grand Final results in massive amounts of money wagered and won on this game. Because of this, online sportsbooks, such as and, offer a plethora of NRL Grand Final markets and odds. You won’t find a more extensive list of available odds anywhere else. Of course there are standard bets such as head-to-head odds, but you’ll also find everything from outright winner to margin betting to handicaps.

Online sportsbooks will also offer an extensive list of exotic bets that allow punters to place a wager on nearly every aspect of the NRL Grand Final. Some examples of this include man of the match, first scoring play, first player to score a try, last scoring play of the game, number of tries, exact score, and exact winning margin betting. This is one of the many reasons why online bookies are the way to go when it comes to NRL Grand Final betting.

In addition to a fantastically long list of available odds, online sportsbooks give members access to a range of betting tools. These are developed with the aim of helping the punter put down the smartest possible bet, which can often result in more NRL Grand Final payouts. These NRL Grand Final betting tools include tips, team lists and updates, game news and updates, previews, reviews, and odds calculators. All can be accessed with a single click of the button, which makes it easy to do all of your research and betting in one handy location.

So, as online betting offers unprecedented convenience, the only question left is, how do you join? It’s easy. Choose a reliable online sportsbook and create a new account. You’ll be prompted to provide a few details. Then, just make a deposit in your account and start your NRL Grand Final betting. That’s it! The best part is that you can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection and a computer.

2010 NRL Final

The 2010 NRL Final starts up in September. Check out our 2010 NRL Final news section for all of the latest updates on the matches, and then log in to start placing your bets for a chance to bring in some pretty substantial 2010 NRL Final payouts.

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